Saturday, March 9, 2013

How fast can you scratch?

So it might SEEM like I am cranking out a piece a day by the way my blog posts come together, but I actually often have multiple projects on the go at any one time.  The bear was about 80% done in Early February, but just got around to finishing him up today.  And the horse I have been working on concurrently with the bobcat over the past month.

Bears are full of amusing antics.  I love watching them play with items in their environments and at times they definitely seem to have a sense of humor!  Once of the challenges with them in art is that they have TINY eyes.  As a species they are driven mostly by smell, so they have no need for large eyes.  This makes capturing light in the eyes and personality in them quite difficult.  I loved this fellows 'give me a break' expression.

"Bear With Me" ~ 12" x 12" ~ Scratchboard
Zen is the name of this lovely Friesian mare, and I liked it as a title for this work as well.  This work will likely be headed to the Settlers West Invitational Art Show in May.

"Zen" ~ 22" x 14.5" ~ Scratchboard

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Peggy said...

Beautiful work Cathy :)
I love the expressions you caught in both of them!