Friday, April 12, 2013

"Feeling Inclined"

It seems that just when I should be the busiest I have hat a bit of artists block!!  Doh! 

Anyways still forcing myself to plug along.

There were several times I wanted to give up on this guy, but pushed through and am pretty happy with how it turned out (though still might tweak a few things here and there).  The rocks and grass and brush took FOREVER!

Story behind the Art: My friend Kim and I were hiking near Dubois, WY last fall looking at some really cool Native American Pictographs in the stone when this guy stood up on a distant ridge line. When he looked up the hill and the sun illuminated his face I was glad I was ready with my camera. I chose to include small pictographs in the shadow part of the rock as sort of a tribute. Sorry for blurry photo - it is raining outside.

"Feeling Inclined" - 18"x24" - Scratchbaord and Ink

Close up look at pictograph rocks in thadow section of the board