Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Another new work... Another 8"x10" board  I knew when I was taking this series of photos last fall that it was going to make great scratchboards - love the light!

Grizzly Bear
Scratchboard and Ink

Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Old Start, New Finished

Another work that I started like two years ago.  I started it for a demo on how I do my color techniques.  I colored about half of it for that initial demo.  Since then it has traveled to a few other workshops with me, and demo by demo it got closer to being fully colored.  This past weekend I taught my first 'advanced scratchboard techniques' workshop and we talked about color a lot in that it got some more color there.  After so many 'little bits of color' I decided to just finish it up.  The far right side of the parrot was cleared totally to white and I airbrushed the gradient from black to green.

This board is 8"x10" and the reference photo was taken by Suneko on Flickr and used under creative commons licensing.