Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Star Studded"

Just finished up "Star Studded" - another working western horse.  I loved all the textures and studs on his bridle and breast collar, and he had a handsome face and expression too.  I made a lot of changes from my reference as he had overly bright rope reins with ugly snaps, some extra straps and buckles sticking out that simply distracted the eye and were not important to the work, and an unattractive saddle blanket sneaking in to the edge of the photo. 

I tell artists over and over again - get to know your subject matter and never be a slave to your reference photos!  The word reference implies that you should refer to them, not copy them inch by inch!  If there is an aspect in the reference image(s) that detracts from the finished product as a piece of artwork then leave it out or change it up to make your art BETTER than the photo(s)!  Get to know your subject matter because if the piece you choose to omit is very important (such as a piece of the bridle that keeps it all together) then anyone knowledgeable about the subject matter will know you didn't know the subject and your work will loose a potential purchaser.

"Star Studded" - 14"x11" - Scratchboard

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ISSA Gathering and new works

We had a great time at our International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) Exhibition and gathering in Vancouver, BC June 7-9!  Such a wonderful group of artists; so supportive, helpful and fun!  It was fantastic to see the show in person - WOW!  Scratchboard is always so much more impressive in real life than looking at it online.  Overall everything went off without a hitch.  If you live in British Columbia or Northern Washington it is worth it to make a trip to see the show!

Our 2014 ISSA Exhibition will be June 24-Aug 17 in Cary, North Carolina at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center.  If you live in that area start making plans to attend :)

I have three works on various stages of completion, and getting ready to lay out a 24"x30" piece where almost the entire board will be scratched!

Here are three new ones.

"Foxy Lady"
Already Sold :)
See it scratch-by-scratch with Zoomify here (requires flash)

"Mahigan" (which is "Wolf" in several Native American languages)

"Watching Me, Watching You"
Committed to the 2013 Greeley Stampede Western Art Show June 27-July 7

Reference photo by: Jaimito Cartero