Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing Catch Up

January slipped by in a flash and here it is already more than half way through February! 

Last week was the Settlers West Miniature Show, which I went to Tucson for.  It was a nice show with lots of people in attendance. About 70% of the 366 works sold, which was amazing!  My horse work "Shine On" sold.  Yeah!  I was also invited to participate in their May show, which only has 47 artists in it (the miniature show has 250), so I am VERY excited about that!  I thank Settlers West for their support!

I have been having a little bit of a problem finishing works... I get like 90% done, set them down and start something new.  I have a pile of works that need just a few hours to finish up.  "Why don't I finish them?", you ask.  Not quite sure... LOL

I did finish three today!!

First is a horse that I started last year.   I have titled it "A Sensitive Nature" and it is 11"x14" in size.

Next is another 11"x14", titled "Range Rover"  Colored with ampersand ink.
And last, but not least, is "Moose On The Loose", an 8"x10" board.

Also right before I left on my trip I finished a 14"x18" board which I have not decided on a title for yet.  All suggestions welcome. 

I have four more works that are also 'nearly' completed, but not quite, and one that I started two days ago. 

Happy scratching!