Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jumping Around

I have not given up on the horse by any stretch, but did start my large scratchboard and put a few hours into it already.  This board will be colored and it is a big'un at 36"x24" and much of the board will be covered with various elements.  This is only my 2nd board of this size... and my biggest challenge is figuring out how to hold it and manipulate to get where I need to.  I work most of my scratchboards with them in my lap.  I forget how big these boards are until I pull them out... twice the size of an 18"x24" (ok I know the math is simple... but its a lot of space to cover with scratches :) !

My primary reference photo was once again shot at Rolling Hills.  You could say that the SAA 2009 show opening was a great event for me on many levels... not only nice awards, the cover of the catalog and meeting great people- but a lot of wonderful and useful reference photos to work with!

Here is the start on her.  It'll be a fairly long journey with two projects underway, so hope you will hang on for the ride.  I'll take some close up photos next time I photograph it.  This is the whole board.

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