Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Few Backyard Birds

Well I do call this blog art and photography, but so far it has mostly been about art, and honestly will most likely continue to mostly be about art... but who says I can't toss in some photography every now and again.

Today I went up to Red Rocks in search of some environmental aspects for my next scratchboard.  I will be using a zoo animal as my primary subject, but since he is on an artifical platform I needed some natural elements to put him into the wild in my art.  Anyways I stopped at the trading post, where they have some bird feeders in their back area.  The primary birds I sighted in attendance were magpies, scrub jays, dark-eyed juncos (all colors forms), a few house finches and chickadees and one spotted towhee and one orange-shafted flicker.

Slate colored Junco


Pink Sided color Junco

Spotted Towhee

Western Scrub Jay

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