Monday, July 30, 2012

New book available on scratchboard art!

Diana Lee is a true master in the techniques of scratchboard art and I am excited to let you know about the release of her new book on Scratchboard art, which can be purchased here.

It is great to finally have a quality book to recommend for those interested in learning scratchboard art techniques or simply learning more than they already do. The clear images, easy to understand text, and many close ups make it easy to follow and understand the techniques. This book gives great examples and explanations of a wide range of subject matter (still life, portraits and animals) both in color and in black and white. The book also has a section on color theory and the author does an excellent job explaining it in a concise but easy to understand manner.

Unlike MANY art books that I have purchased that are loaded with 'pretty pictures' but don't really explain how the artist achieved the end results, this book shows you how the author works from start to finish. Truly if you are someone interested in either starting in scratchboard art or simply expanding your horizons in the medium this is a 'must have' title for the art library!

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