Monday, July 16, 2012

ISSA Exhibition 2012

Last weekend was the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) 1st Annual Exhibition Opening.  We had about 25 artist from all over the world attend the show, including Patrick Hedges from Australia, Lorna Hannett from British Columbia, and Louise Collier from Newfoundland (as well as artists from all over the USA)!!  The show was very well received and the opening at ARThouse Gallery in Glen Ellen, CA was very nice.  On Sunday and Monday we held demos with master scratchboard artists demonstrating their techniques.  The scratchboard community is by far the most giving and generous artist community you well ever find.  Everyone openly shares techniques, feedback and help.  In addition they are all crazy ( I am the only normal one in the whole lot ;) with tremendous sense of humor!  The laughter almost never dies down.  Without a doubt it was a great time!

I was honored with an Award of Excellence for "Blue and Gold".  The Master Scratchboard Artist Category was judged by artist Dorothy Pierce, PhD.  I am honored to receive this award as it was a very nice show.

Here is a picture of much of the group taken after the demos on Monday.  We forgot to take a group picture on Saturday at the opening, but there were a few more artists at the opening too.

I was one of the artist that did a demo on Monday.  My demo was fur and eyes, and then a bit of a discussion on marketing your artwork.  I used this lion cub for my demo.  My reference for this cutey was from South Africa last summer.  This cub was in a captive program that raises breeding animals.  Her and a brother were 3 months old and we actually got to go in and play with them.  They thought my long hair was a fabulous toy.  It was definitely a cool experience.  This board is 8"x8" in size.  No title yet.

I also am working on a 20"x30" board which I am calling "Spring Loaded".  I am hoping to have it done by July 24 to enter it in a competition if it turns out well :)

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