Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I seem to be constantly working on a deadline recently... once of the very good thing about making sales... I need new work for shows!!  It definitely increases my productivity :)

I was recently reading a prospectus for a show that I will be entering and this year they have a size limit of 12"x16" and works must have been completed in the past two years... EEK!  Most of my work is at least 14"x18" and many are bigger.  SO.... "Dreaming Big" (lion cub a few postings below) fits the bill at only 8"x8", and I have a pencil work from 2010 called "A Kind Eye" that is right at 12"x16"... but what else to send??  Well why not create something new?  So what if entries are due in one week?!?

I have had this reference, courtesy of a scratchboard friend Irfan Ahmed, that has been in my files for a little while.  With the recent sale of "Intrigue" at the Greeley Stampede Western Art Show (plus the sale of "On The Wind" and "Tassels") it seemed that another one of my all time favorite creatures, a Great Gray Owl, was a good choice.  I think the title will be "The Night Watchman".  The board has a bit of shine going on, so hard to get a really good photo yet.  Size is 12"x12".

First installment - only part of the board,
but the left side will be left mostly dark

Good progress on it.  This is the full board.

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