Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Overhauling an older work

Every artist has created them... those works that are... meah...ok, but just no matter how much you work on them they are not really quite 'there', something just isn't pushing your buttons about the work.  I've had my share of them too.  Sometimes they are something I start and end up stopping in the middle and hiding them away, other times I 'complete them' but they still just are not really quite there.  When I have a work like that I stick it in my flat file... out of sight, but I don't varnish them.  Sets of artwork come and go from the files, finished and varnished, finished and varnished... and the unhappy works sits, unvarnished...out of sight, but not out of mind.  Well in some cases these works are black and white works and sometimes a change in the form of adding color is the needed ticket to help give them new life. 

Such is the case with 12"x12" board that I had titled "Takin' A Lickin' " when I completed it in Dec. 2010.  So it has sat in my files for about 16 months... waiting for something more.

So colored it got yesterday (in between working on the big horse).  I do think it improved it quite a bit and gave more dimension to the work.  Still doing very minor edits to it now.  Some may not agree that it is better in color, but the reality is I am the artist, so I get to choose :D 

"Takin' A Lickin'" - 12"x12" - Scratchboard and Ink

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