Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Go Big Or Go Home :)

I started my largest scratchboard to date - a 30"x40" board.  I have done several 24"x36" boards (including Comin' At Ya' and In Hot Pursuit), but not only is this board larger, but also it started out as clayboard, which is scratchboard without any black ink on it (so the white clay board).   

So I pulled out the airbrush and made a mask of the area I wanted black and blasted it with black ink.  Ink sprays very nicely through an airbrush, but I am admittedly not very good with the airbrush for anything more than very simple things (like this).  I have not found out that the black ink I used is not nearly as water resistant as what the regular scratchboards are sprayed with, so definitely finding some drawbacks with this ink. 

Anyways  Not really TOO far along yet, and of course it will look much better once he has some scratching on the face, but I am having fun with the shiny coat.  The horse is a handsome friesian stallion named Tettrino van het Kasteel that I photographed a couple of years ago.  He resides at Kasteel Farm.

Here is a rather poor photo of the board.  Hopefully a better photo to follow.

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Bev said...

Oh boy this is going to be special. I will be following along.