Monday, December 5, 2011

Updates on Works In Progress

Well last time I tried to sign in blogger was down, so I am glad it is working again. 

My art web site has officially now moved to and has a new color scheme and some other changes to the layout.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  My photography will stay at and hopefully I will get that too updated by early next year (not easy to sort through 500,000 photos on three different hard drives and decide which images are my best!)

I continue to have multiple art works on the go. 

I am getting close to done on the black and white portions of "Coming At Ya"  (36"x24") though still doing some 'tweaking' all over to get everything the way I want it.  I'm actually going to hold off coloring it as I have heard from an outside source that I was accepted into a show that I will need a large, impressive, black and white piece for, and I am not sure whether I will have time to make another one between now and that event.  I should hear officially in January (and I don't think my outside source knows 100%, so not expecting either way).  If it does not get into that show I will be doing some subtle color on it.

Anyways here is a picture from a last week (I have done a bit more since then, but it is snowing outside, so can't get a good updated picture right now).  Still a ways to go though.

"Coming At Ya" - Palomino Quarter Horse - 36"x24"

I also have been working on a piece with a couple of Black Billed Magpies.  While not really a favorite bird to many, I really enjoy all of the corvid family (crows, ravens, magpies).  Even though they are scavengers they seem to have a true sense of humor and intelligence.  While not as beloved as the birds of prey to me, I still really enjoy them.  I am temporarily calling this work "Scatter" as a title, but not sure if that will be what I go with.  Size is 18"x16" and it has been a bit of an experiment.  Not only is the background more 'contemporary' than my usual works, but it also has some iridescent medium added to the colored feathers, so they truly do have a bit of iridescence to them from different angles.  I was a little worried that it would make it look cheesy but it actually is quite subtle and nice I think.  It is not quite done yet, but it too is fairly close.

"Scatter" - Black Billed Magpies - 18"x16"

And when I need a break from scratching I return to my harris hawk wood burning.  Many people really like how this piece is going so I will definitely finish it, just not quite sure when :)  I find burning to be even slower than scratching and also shading large areas starts to hurt my fingers a bit.  I hope to finish it by April to possibly enter it into "Birds In Art"  Size is 18"x24"

"Landing Gear Engaged" - Harris Hawk Pyrography (wood burning) on birch plywood

I also heard back that I will be included in the Colorado Governor's Show again in 2012.  I did very well at this show last year and am excited to be included again this coming year.  I believe the opening is April 28.

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