Monday, August 16, 2010

The tale of the plastic bags

So last year at my first art fair all and all things went very well.  However on more than one occasion I had people ask me for bag for their merchandise - something I had not thought to bring along.  So recently I have been trying to find where to buy plastic bags at a reasonable rate.  I tried local hobby stores with no luck.  I asked at various stores and no one knew where to get them.  Sure, I could buy them online, but it was expensive and I just had not gotten it done and now the art fair is right around the corner!  OMG plastic bags are everywhere... so I started to think about just saving the ones I had... but thought it would be a bit tacky to be putting my work in target and walmart bags.  This dilemma seemed to be much more complicated than it should have been. 

Today I went to purchase a product for my gridwalls for hanging the mugs I will be making.  They deal with a lot of people that do art fairs and thought they might know.  They suggest a local retail store.  I drive over there and am quoted $125 for 1000 bags!!  Well I was not planning on spending over $100 for bags thank you very much.  I stop at party city on the off chance that they sell them.  They have small 12"x6" bags, but nothing larger.  However I explain what I am looking for and FINALLY I get a lead that they think Sam's club carries them.  Fortunately I joined Sam's club earlier this year and am now out just $12 for 1000 bags... now that is what I am talking about!!  They won't be large enough for my biggest prints, but should be able to accommodate all the other sizes.

Now I wish it had not taken me like 4 hours of running around to find them, but that should last me quite a while and now I know where to get them :)

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