Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Fair Weekend and New progress on works

Last weekend was my first art fair of the season.  Unfortunately attendance was quite low and sales were low as well.  I did get to educate more people about scratchboard and still enjoyed the time I spent there.  I found some time to work on my spinning grey horse and made friends with my neighboring booths (a photographer and a glass worker).

Here is where the horse ended the weekend

And last week I started to color Charlie, the big mountain lion.  Putting that first bit of color on it was difficult as I have spent MANY hours on the board already and color is something that doesn't always go the way that I want it to.  Anyways I have already spent another 8 + hours laying in ink, rescratching, putting in more ink, more rescratching... and it is getting closer to me ding pleased with the color version of it.  I am finding it quite difficult to get a decent photo of it as it has many layers of ink now and some show through as quite shiny and reflective giving quite a glare.... so excuse the poor photos, but here is the progression of color work on it so far.  Still many hours to go.

First layers of ink with minimal rescratching at this point

Now a version with quite a bit of rescratching to lighten things up for more inking

And several more layers of ink and scratching to get to where it is at the time of typing.  You will also notice changes to the musculature of his shoulder, as I didn't like the way I had it

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Patrick Hansen said...

Just saw your work at this past First Friday. Simply amazing! The detail you capture is striking, especially on this cougar with the "wet fur" on its legs. Also, the animals you have chosen make great subjects for scratch board, as the texture of the fur/feathers adds to the realism. Again, your talent and work is awesome!