Thursday, March 25, 2010

maned wolf puppies at Denver zoo

When I went to the zoo in early March I was seeking out pics of the new litter of maned wolves born at the zoo in late December, but not on exhibit until the end of February.  They were out of sight and sleeping on that day so I stopped back by today and battled the throngs of school children and one of the pups (there are three total) was out and about for quite a while.  They are almost 3 months old and very leggy and tall already.

Not great photos as it was bright sunlight on top of the snow from two days ago and rather midday, but they are not a critter you get to see all that often, so what the heck :)  BTW they are much darker brown when very young and start to get their red coat and markings at about 2 1/2-3 months.  You can see they are much lighter red than the adult still.  I love the little milk moustache marking on them (adults have it too)!

The little one climbed right on top of Mom and was so cute.  Mom gave him a bath and was very sweet to him.  Unfortunately the cutest shots were out of focus.  My camera needs to go in for some repairs, as it is misfocussing much more than it should, but I just can't part with it... LOL

Look how long thier legs are already!

just for size and color comparison with Mom

The bald eagle also put on quite a show and was screaming and throwing back his head.  Unfortunately backlit and I didn't bring my flash with me for fill flash, but still a nice pose.

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Bonnie Heather said...

Wonderful shots, thanks for sharing.