Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friesian Elegance - WIP

I started a smaller 10"x8" piece today of a Friesian horse in harness.  I really enjoy doing the leather work along with the horse- the variation in texture is always a challenge I enjoy.  I hope to finish this piece this week.  I think I am aiming this one toward the AAEA show if they allow me to use photos with references I did not take (have to re-read the rules).  I e-mailed last year to ask what category I could enter my scratchboard in and was told I could not enter it because there was no category!  But Julie Bender has entered her woodburning pieces for several years and there is no class for her either.  I e-mailed Julie earlier this year and she enters her pieces as paintings!!  So this year I am going to send in my entries, put them as drawings and see what they do with them- worst case they don't let anything in.  Best case I win some cash or sell a piece!  The AAEA show is hold at the Kentucky Horse park, which also happens to be where the Friesian Horse Association of North America's main headquarters are....hmmmm.... maybe someone will see is from there and not be able to live without it!   :D

 The lovely photo reference was provided by Daisyree Barkkar, a friend from wetcanvas and fellow artist.  Thanks Daisyree! 

I get asked sometimes how I do it when there is long hair (such as a mane) going over the top of shorter fur.  In cases like that I work the short fur in first and then the mane and forelock will go over the top, just as it is in real life.  However I do it darker and less dense than areas where it is not covered, as the mane usually obscures the fur and casts a shadow on it.  In my next update (or two) you will be able to see this in practice a bit more.


Dais said...

Oh wow, he's turning out great! From all the horses that day, this stallion was one of my favs. His lovely, long manes and the spirit he had.
I can't wait to see this one finished. Oh and did I tell you that I'm honered you choose one of my photo's to scratch? Well I am!

Cathy Sheeter said...

Thanks Daisy! I am referencing some of my photos since this one was a bit blurry, but I love the pose and all that mane! I wish we had more driving events around here, but they are few and far between!