Friday, June 1, 2012

Small Works

You may be seeing more small works from me, as not only are they faster to create, but cheaper to frame and ship too :)  However I will be doing big ones too... just not enough hours to create!  I also have several paintings on the go, though nothing close to done!

Here are a couple of small boards finished in the past two weeks.  Even small boards take usually 10-20 hours to be created.

"In Repose" I started Two YEARS ago, but I didn't like something about it, so it ended up in a box in my basement where I found it before my last workshop and decided to finish it.  Size is 5"x7".
"In Repose" - 5"x7" - Scratchboard

"Elk Calf" I worked on at my art fair this past weekend.  The art fair was in Estes Park, which is the gateway town into Rocky Mtn. National Park.  Both Estes and RMNP have HUGE elk populations and can often be seen right in the town, so it seemed a fitting subject to work on while there.  The reference photo was taken in RMNP last fall.  Size on this little fella is 5"x5"
"Elk Calf" - 5"x5" - Scratchboard

"Elk Calf" close up with penny for perspective.

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