Monday, October 17, 2011


Well it has been a while since I have posted, so my apologies to those that follow along on here.  The days just go by too dang fast!  Here we are toward the middle of October and it seems like the new year just rolled around not long ago at all!

The cover of my 2012 calendar.

Anyways firstly please check out my 2012 calendar.  These are high quality calendars printed on heavy weight paper featuring 14 of my scratchboard images.  If you enjoy my art this is a great way to get to see it all year round.  Many people tell me they have kept my previous ones alter the year is over just to enjoy the art.  These calendars are a reasonable $15 each plus S&H.  To order go to 

Next news is about the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA).  We have officially launched and are now taking members!  It has been months of hard work getting everything in place, but it is quite exciting to watch it become a reality!  Members joining in 2011 will have their membership carry through to 2012 too!  We have all different level of membership designed to suit everyone from novice up to expert scratchboard artist!  Some of the perks of membership will include a quarterly newsletter, reduced rates for entering our 2012 exhibition and workshops, publicity on the web site, and of course being connected with a group of other scratchboard artists.  For information on joining please check it out at

And then updates on art.  I am still working on the wolves.  Also have a new leopard piece that I am going to wait to post until it is finished.  But here is an update on the wolves.  Getting there, but still not done.

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