Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was notified that my scratchboard and ink piece of a white tiger,  titled "The Interrupted Drink", won Viewer's Choice at the Bennington Center for the Arts "Art of the Animal Kingdom XVI".  Thanks to all who voted for my piece!  It was totally unexpected to me :)

"The Interrupted Drink" - Original Available

Here is an update on "Comin' At Ya" the big horse piece that I am working on (36"x24").  Still a long ways to go.

"Comin' At Ya" - WIP - 36"x24"

And I have also started a new piece titled "Sibling Rivalry" sized 16"x20".  As you may figure by the title (and random tooth) there will be a 2nd wolf in the image

"Sibling Rivalry" - WIP - 16"x20"

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