Saturday, April 2, 2011

Once again

Once again I have been lapse in posting to my blog.  Well I guess on the plus you don't have to check in on it very often :D  LOL  With a very busy summer ahead of me I am sure I will not be better about posting to it, but will when I can.

I have finished one small work of a Friesian stallion.  It is an 8"x10" piece that I titled "Nobility"  Friesians are my all time favorite breed to oogle at, though with a price of $10k almost the moment they are born the chance of me owning one any time soon seems unlikely.  Oh well, I still love them!!  This stallion is named Nolke Fan De Lege Geaen and I took the reference photo in 2009.

I also have recently gotten several works scanned for prints.  The new prints should be available at the end of the month.  One of them in of "Arabian Night"

In other news things have been going well on the show front.  I have had three works (out of three) selected for the Women Artists of the West annual exhibit to be in Rockport, Texas opening in June.  I also had two works selected for the Bennington Art Center's "Art of the Animal Kingdom" also to open in June (Bennington, VT).  I presently have a tiny piece titled "All Smiles" (5"x7") exhibiting at LSU "Animals in Art" Exhibit (Baton Rouge, LA).


MyShilohRanch said...

Congrats! These both are incredibly beautiful works of art. I especially am enthralled with the second, the Arab .... you have an awesome gift and talent. Wonderful! <3

eastwitching said...

Beauty and passion - love th edark mood - superb artwork! Alison