Saturday, November 13, 2010

September Serenade

I have started a new 24"x36" board of a bull elk, at the request of a collector.  It has the potential of being pre-sold if she likes the end result.  Keep your fingers crossed for me... but I guess if she doesn't like it hopefully some one else will down the road!

I am finding the angle on the head to be more difficult than I expected, in part because my primary reference is not as clear as it could be and I don't have any other photos at quite this angle.  Oh well, I will get it all sorted out.

Here is a bit of detail from the face area.  There are a LOT of lines on the face, building up the values slowly in order to get it just the way I want.

These big boards take time and with aprospective buyer on the elk my pair of wolves has been put on hold for now, but here is a bit of an update on them too.

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