Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spraying - ARG!

If there are two things I hate doing in my art one is framing (I always get dog hair in it!) and the other is spraying my work with fixative (I always seem to get dog hair in it!!)  Spraying for me is far more nerve racking than actually creating the work.  I know of many disasters from spray fixative that has gone bad, drips, runs, crystallizes, turns cloudy, ink sluffs off, etc. either during the spraying of as it dries.  Sometimes it has been with brand new cans and other times with cans that have been used with no problems before.  I have had some issues myself when I sprayed a piece outside in winter - the spray literally froze before it hit the artwork and it looked like my cheetah was in a snowstorm!  Fortunately I was able to fix the piece by spraying again in a warmer environment.  So when it comes to spraying big works like "Walking The Line" I have to hold my breath and cross my fingers and toes that everything goes well.  Then I ALWAYS get dust and tiny particulates in it.  It seems inevitable!  If I only did 8"x10" pieces I would breath a lot easier, but the larger the work, the more stuff gets into it.

Anyways I sprayed "Walking the Line" and "Tailwind" today and knock on wood everything seems to have gone ok (except the dust issue, which I have yet to ever avoid).  Both of these pieces will be going to the framers tomorrow in preparation for Greeley Stampede.

I can't seem to get my camera to pick up the background elements when it exposes the image, so by overexposing a shot just to show how much of the background isn't showing up (excuse the glare on the right side too)

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03ahmed said...

I felt the need to comment on this again to let you just how stunning it is!!!:)