Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Tiger

I started a new piece yesterday of a white tiger.  He is also from references I took at Rolling Hills when there for the SAA opening.  I have to inquire to remember his name.

At any rate white animals are is many ways much more difficult than darker ones in scratchboard, as well as more time consuming.  When you look at how white hair layers the shadow left by the hairs on top is only a few shades lighter than the white itself.  Since I am scratching away black it often looks too harsh, which means many more layers of hair must be added to get the look I desire. 

I am quite pleased with how it is progressing and should have tomorrow morning to work on it.  I am looking for a good title, so if you think of one let me know!


Jo Castillo said...

Very intriguing and beautiful!

Cathy Sheeter said...

Yeah my first comment :D Thanks Jo!

Shevin said...

Looking forward to seeing this progress ;)